Wednesday, 20 September 2017

No. 71 - Mary no. 2

Made this one for a friend's daughter. This time the blue coat is a separate outfit from the body, and the veil is removable. The hair is also separately made from the head.

No. 70 - Mary no. 1

Here's a little figure of Mary Mother of God that I made for Father Robertus as a farewell gift when he was posted away from our parish to another church.

Monday, 24 April 2017

No. 61 to 69 - Easter Critters

Made these little guys (about two to three inches high) for the kids for Easter. Put them in plastic egg shells - they fit! 100% acrylic yarn, DK weight, 2.75mm hook. My own pattern. Thought I was making them all the same but each one somehow turned out quite different from the rest. Again reminding me how sensitive to tension the outcome will be. The photo shows the order in which they were made, beginning with the red bunny. 

When I was planning the colours, in order to have the rabbits all different, brown was one of the options as I have quite many shades of it in my yarn stash. Thinking about it, brown didn't seem appealing at all but it turned out to be very popular among all the kids! They think it looks like a fancy iced coffee drink, like a mocha frapp or something. I actually like it best among the bunnies. 

The chicks closer up:

Realise I should have posed one of them sideways - I'm quite happy with how the body shaping turned out, the back is longer so it has a proper chick-like profile. It was serendipitous actually, some of the increases got clustered closer together and that made that part stick out so I just made the rest that way and oriented the sticking out part as the back/tail. The first one had the biggest beak - Rachel was the one who told me to make the beak smaller so it would be cuter and it was. I really don't know why they're so different - they are exactly the same pattern, as far as I know. 

Bunnies closer up:

Now they're arranged according to spectrum - only I just realised that I should have swapped the purple and pink ones for a better flow.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

No. 60 - Yoda no. 4

DK acrylic yarn, 3.5mm hook. Left it on boss's desk for his birthday.

No. 59 - Tissue Packet Case no. 2

Rico Essentials Crochet thread, 1.50 mm hook. Crocheted fabric after blocking, i.e., soaking briefly in water, pulling straight and pressing flat between towel.

Fabric sewn together to complete the case.

Different stitches used to make crocheted fabrics.

Back view shows the stitches better.

No. 58 - Water Bottle Holder for Sophie

DK 100% acrylic yarn, 3.5mm hook. So far so good, water bottle has stayed intact, i.e., unbroken, unlike the previous unprotected bottle.

No. 57 - Tissue packet case no. 1

Ricco Essentials Crochet thread, 1.50mm steel hook

Sunday, 8 January 2017

No. 56 - Crochet Trinket Receptacle

Rico Essentials Crochet No. 10 cotton thread and 1.25 mm Clover steel hook (pictured). Gingher 4cm embroidery scissors - super sharp tip and cutting. 

Thursday, 22 December 2016

No. 54 - Crochet Chainlink Necklace

Rico Essentials Cotton DK, with 2.75 mm hook.

Each loop:  6 rows of 24 sc on 24 chain.

Made entirely in Sri Lanka and gave it to Aunty Yvonne for so kindly having the five of us stay at her place during our recent trip there.

No. 53 - Crochet Disc-and-Loop Necklace

Rico Essentials Crochet thread, 100% mercerized cotton, no. 10, with 1.25 mm hook.

Discs: 6 rows of 30 sc + 1 row of 15 inc

Fat loops: 8 rows of 30 sc

Skinny loops: 3 rows of 30 sc

Monday, 28 November 2016

No. 52 - Crochet Snow Flake IV

No. 51 - Crochet Snow Flake III

Photo to be added.

No. 50 - Crochet Snow Flake II

Another one from the same book.

No. 49 - Crochet Snow Flake I

Small one! 100% cotton yarn, 4 mm hook. Followed one of the patterns from the book "100 Snowflakes to crochet" by Caitlin Sainio.

No. 48 - Crochet Pink Elephant

100% acrylic yarn, 3.5 mm hook.

Made this for eldest niece's 15th birthday. Again, I had to ask her to take a photo after it was given to her. I keep forgetting!!

No. 47 - Crochet Phone Case

100% cotton yarn, 3.5 mm hook. For my own phone, as I gave mine to Sarah and hers was passed to Matthew.

No. 46 - Crochet Chainlink Necklace

100% cotton yarn, I think 2.75 mm hook. Red-orange-yellow-orange repeated. Receive lots of compliments every time I wear it, even from complete strangers!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

No. 45 - Crochet Arm Warmer for Sophie

Sophie liked the pair I made for Sarah, so I made this one for her. Only one side, haha, because I didn't get around to the second one and she said one was enough. 100% acrylic yarn, 3.75 mm hook.

No. 44 - Crochet Water Bottle Strap for Sophie

Another water bottle strap, also 100% acrylic yarn and 3.75 mm hook. My own pattern.